About Us


Ringle Marine’s team has been operating in Myanmar since 2003, with the company in its current form registered in 2014. We specialise in building and restoring old yachts, as well as renovations on some magnificent old colonial buildings here in Yangon. Marine Ringle employs dedicated, full time staff who undertake all types of restoration and new builds of yachts and are supported by a team of 50 employees.

  • Our team of expert craftsmen consists of highly skilled carpenters, marine-grade spray painters, metal workers trained in steel, stainless steel and aluminium welding who custom fabricate most owners individual requirements.
  • Our experienced yacht crew are trained in engine room service and maintence, and as well as rigging.
  • Our qualified electricians can repair, service and install complex electrical systems.
  • Our carpentry team can do excellent fit-outs and, and we can prefabricate teak decks that are vacuum bagged down when all the preparation work is completed.

Every yacht is different and so please contact us so we can help you decide on what needs to be done.